Joint wear

Joint wear

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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the bones that begins with the destruction or gradual loss of articular cartilage, which affects not only the surface articular cartilage but also the whole complex joints, ligaments, menisci, tendons... Articular cartilage has the function damping forces at the ends of bones and to be a material with low coefficient of friction also allows the movement of the bones with each other, reducing wear on the joint.

When articular cartilage degenerates by different causes, friction increases the ends of bones, increasing the frictional forces and starting the degeneration of different joint structures. In more advanced cases small pieces of cartilage are released, thus increasing the rubbing and friction, menisci degenerate and all periarticular muscle tendons capsular components as affected joint.

Causes or predisposing factors for developing osteoarthritis in the joints.

Largely osteoarthritis is caused by an accumulation of multifactorial causes that feed each other and generate a circle that predisposes to suffer this and other many diseases.

Sedentary + overweight + lack of strength-muscle tone inelasticity + mechanical-functional metabolic imbalance imbalance = predisposition of joint arthrosis.

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