Medical tourism

Medical Tourism in Cancun, Hospital Quirugica del Sur

Enjoy a marvelous city while attending to your medical visit

We distinguish ourselves by being a hospital with the highest quality and hygiene standards. Our successful surgical procedures distinguish us as one of the best multiple specialty hospitals in Cancun, with the most accessible prices.

At Hospital Quirurgica del Sur we provide the necessary infrastructure, not only with our technical equipment but also with our medical team, thus satisfying your needs in the diverse medical specialties that we offer, as well as gaining prestige for our institution within the city and creating the best cost-benefit option.


Prices between 50% and 80% more accessible than your country of origin.


Compassionate and personalized attention.


High standards of quality and hygiene.


Safe surgeries in safe a Hospital.

Medical Specialties:

Our most solicited procedures, by international patients, are our surgical packages in plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), and traumatology (trauma surgery) at prices that are more accessible than what is offered in the same medical disciplines in their country of origin.

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Plastic surgery

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Traumatology and Orthopedics

Being attended to in our hospital and for a cost between 50% and 80% lower, has brought to Cancun, in the last three years, more than 21 thousand patients from the USA and Canada, which has pushed us to improve and perfect the quality of our medical tourism services. Our services focus on those needs that are immediate and unachievable in your country. Hospital Quirurgica del Sur, in Cancun, puts within your reach your health and tranquility because we offer you prices much below those found in your own country, without lowering the quality of the medical attention or that of all the staff that is necessary.

You have the possibility to pay for surgical packages in your place of origin that, generally, range between $10,000 and $20,000 dollars, depending on the number of days of hospitalization that are required and the type of surgery that you need. (Contact us through this website, or if you prefer, call us and we will provide you with all the information and support that you require, our bilingual staff will be pleased to help you.)

Currently, more than eight million visitors come to vacation in Cancun and they have, in a short amount of time, been able to distinguish it is a medical tourism destination.

Cancun has shown, in a very short amount of time, achievements that could position it as
the number one destination for medical tourism.

At Hospital Quirugica del Sur you will find a safe and effective alternative that will provide you with the warmth and care of our personnel, not only medical but administrative as well. Give us the opportunity to care for you in the way that you need and deserve, at the Hospital Quirugica del Sur we are at your orders.

The world famous Mexican hospitality for tourists now focused on the medical tourism.

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